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Privacy Policy

This site does not collect or store any personal information about Internet users. Information received by email is treated confidentially and is not transferred to any third party. 

Online payments are made via the secure platform YAPLA, partner of LCL.

We remind you that the use of the Internet and the sending of information by e-mail involves certain risks. The main risks are the possibility that your e-mail will be intercepted or that it will be sent to the wrong recipient. Furthermore, connecting to the Internet puts your computer at risk of being spied on or attacked by viruses. 

Internet browsing is only partially anonymous. Indeed, each machine on the network has its own IP address. When you connect to a server, it records your IP address, and can identify your origin, your journey on the site, the files you have requested. These different data are neither analyzed nor stored. Similarly, this site does not send any cookies to connected Internet users.

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