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Idea : A brick For A Child (

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Creating a charitable association to share the passion for building bricks...

Titouan et Gabriel


" We had the idea to create this association in 2019. However, it took us about 18 months to develop and formalize it properly."

One day, when I was visiting my friend Gabriel, we both realized that we were big fans of building bricks, especially "Legos."

After discussing it together, we realized how fortunate we were during our childhood to have the opportunity to have fun with this imaginative construction game. Playing with Legos when I was little even sparked in me the desire to become an architect later on.

We then realized that we both had "tons" of unused bricks. It was at that moment that the idea came to us to collect unused building bricks from children who were fortunate enough to have them and redistribute them to other children who either did not have access to them or were facing temporary obstacles like hospitalization, both in France and abroad.

We thought about all the people who might want to support our initiative but didn't have bricks to donate. That's the purpose of our association: to enable you to help us, through your donations, purchase more building bricks for redistribution throughout the year.

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